Because Threat Intelligence deserves better Return on Investment

AI for CTI

AI for Cyber Threat Intelligence

Your Threat Intelligence (CTI) deserves a better ROI. Our Artificial Intelligence reads cyber threat reports written by humans and translates them into industry-standard, machine-readable and machine-actionable data.

Using Elemendar to translate your CTI delivers you significant cost savings, better protects you from threats and attacks, and reduces your risk of GDPR fines.

If you are a CTI Vendor, an enterprise (especially financial services), a utility provider, or a national or cross-border security organisation, we protect you, your customers and your stakeholders.

Our SaaS or on-premises AI solution makes all of your incoming CTI machine-readable and shares it with your existing tools using open data standards. With Elemendar, all of the CTI you subscribe to becomes usable and instantly flags threats, whether you have human analysts or not.

Contact us now to discover how we can help you take back control of, and more effectively use your increasing volumes of CTI.